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hmmm.... what to say? i always hate these things, but let's give it a shot.

firstly, i'm a single mom with a teenaged boy. he's the light of my life, no matter how much i want to kill him. and no matter how old he makes me feel. *grins* he's the most important person in my life, with exception of a few others.

i'm sort of an aspiring author. my friends and even complete strangers have told me repeatedly that i should be a published author. i just haven't gotten up the nerve to submit anything yet. yeah. i'm kind of chicken shit when it comes to rejection. so there you go.

my most favorite color is black, followed closely by purple. and then just about anything that's a really dark color. i've been inked and pierced and am, in general, a great big freak. rings on each finger and even some on my toes. belly button, too. as well as five necklaces and four bracelets. all of them in silver. i like stones and wear loads of those.

hmmm. what else? really not much. you now know my life's story. sort of. of course, you have yet to go deep into my mind. trust me, its a scary trip. so now you've been warned. be careful.....

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